What am I doing now?

Why am I here?

No answers,

Only questions!

That are failing their purpose

That are failing their meaning

I am alone in this world

And so are you

In the end

But until then

Let us meet


In between the extremes

Empty spaces


In between us

There are small secret rooms

Not visible to others

Rooms where we meet

At night

Sharing our most inner

Thoughts and dreams

Dreams that grows from

The final hope of a better world

Sharing and caring

Outside the cold daylight view

While we move around the market, street

Or prayer house

Where we are strangers every day

To one another




Black Sunday night

The train moves slowly throughout the night

I did not expect to meet you again

Empty spaces around us reminds about

What once could have been

I left you in rage

But now we meet again


When we are both trying to put our

Life together

In a world filled with snow

And empty promises