Matter and Spirit

Putting things together

Broken mirrors, bikes, a life

Mending them with glue

Words and sometimes

The occasional welding

Everything can become healed

Or not

If the social bond

Is broken by fear and lies

Starting from nowhere again

The outcome is uncertain

By the Sea

My Memories is like

The walls of a crumbling

Castle by the sea

Most details are lost

Washed out into the sea

Some things remains

In tatters broken

By time and ignorance

Slowly slowly

I mend my castle again

Waiting for the next storm


Healing means put together and unite what has been broken

But all the pieces just keeps on falling apart

A dead flower is dead not ever to blom again

But how to know what is dead or just very broken

Trying to mend what is broken with any tool I can find

But without understanding any tool is useless

You cannot make a flower blom with a hammer