Mind, soul and body

Quiet night, the reality is far away

I do not need to engage in anything

Create and listen, write, think

Ensemble myself together again

I am a little bit more me now

And it is ok

Soon I will lose myself again

But for the moment

I am more spirit than body


I fly with my torned wings
Into the high-tech tunnel
Other birds collide
Flying into the walls
Dying screaming
But I keep on
The tunnel gets smaller
It is going deeper

We are quiet
Each one
Into his own mind
When the sun
Hits us
It hurts
Getting into the light
of the day and into
The bustling city

The Dying Mind

I try to concentrate 
but the mind 
is not willing
is not working
I have pain
but is not a real
and a bad 
Trying to exercise 
my body 
But the mind is going
down again and again


I wait in the bed
all is prepared 
but sleep is nowhere
to be found
I linger
the mind strolls around
the past years
and land on every
fault, every wrongdoing
I have been doing
Then I watch
Hour atter hour
until day breaks


I am in a failed state of mind
In slowly deteriorating circumstances 
Failed at every level
Failed at all times
The future looming at bay 
waiting to find another victim.


When I write 
Nagging, nagging
NAGGING the mind
Again again and agin
aging thoughts without grace
I live here and the there