Presence of Life

Life has taken a different

Surprising turn, moving

Forward to a new future

Whether is better or not

Is unclear only the

Presence of the mind

Fully participating

May eventually save us


The silence of the mind

Is a wonderful thing

Searched for in so many


Only to be found in the

Head of the dead or


As a living human

Being the only thing

To ask for is a little

Slower stream

More shallow water


A moment of peace

Silence in the mind

Just a tired background

Noise inside the head

Nothing, mindlessness

As after sex



At night

I am playing the foul

So I can stay cool

No mind, mindlessness

Is better than mindfulness

Eternal stars visit me

At night

Repeating old stories

As long I stay awake


Slow moving, slow thinking
Just breathe in and out
Trying to stay and let
The mind go
I have no answer
I have to accept
That I have no answer
Empty outside
Empty inside
And a numb