Up and down

Down and up

Around the town

Perfectly without

Any control

I travel around

Around before

Coming down

To face every Monday

Of my life

Bad Day

Monday is a terrible day

Losing itself in it’s greyness

Night and day mixes into

An eternal dusk

While people getting back

To work through

Overcrowded streets

Wasted another week

And realise this when I

Get back to the reality of

No plans


Monday is the worst of days

Forcing its discipline

Upon us early in the

Morning, reducing

Our option

Streamlining the path

To achievement and


You cannot be creative

Just working catatonic

In the catacombs of

The reptile brain

Worst of Days

Monday is the worst of days

Always filled with hard awakenings

The dream is over, the family drama

Has ended everybody lost

Back to the ordinary life

At work, school, unemployment or

Whatever takes you through the week

The human illusion is so vibrant

What we have to do or not to do

Just a few feet away another

Parallel world awaits us



Fear is a strong feeling

It rules your life

Your daily routine

Always prepared for aggression

Your shoulders up

Expecting a hit

Anyone will take from you what you have

Do not sleep

Be prepared

For disaster

Ice on glas

Monday is the worst of day

All the illusions gone

Just a cold frozen landscape

Promising a long work week

Changes makes people

Uncomfortable and bad tempered

Now we are here

The first Monday in December

Slowly adapting us to a passive



Trying to stay awake

Falling asleep all the time

Want to sleep for a long time

Until I know that there are things to hope for