Morning Routine

Every morning the same routine

The same conflicts

And the running

Like a rat

Up and down the stairs

Running out

Coming back

Losing, not finding, forgetting

And eventually

She is gone

In a cloud of smoke

Missing the bus

And her life


Waking up and losing hope

I am in a strange landscape

Desperate to find happiness

I don’t see it

Feeling lonely

Suddenly something else

A certain presence

Here I am


The cold red sun rises

Just a little above the horizon

Creating an illusion of day

Icy streets and stairs reminding

Us of our vulnerability

Moving carefully on our way

To face the daily perils of the world

The long workday promises only

The darkness of a cloudy night

When we eventually leave

Late in the evening


The journey


The system

Deep tunnels

A few moments of light

Then the bridge

And the dark winter morning

Travel through empty streets

On the way home from work

The little lark is singing

Lost in time


Fear burning inside

Your mind

Avoiding, trying to fight

The invisible monster

That do not exist

But still exist

Relaxing, letting go

Let the monster win

And see them

Evaporate in

The sun

Perished Dream

Lost in time

Clean the plates in the kitchen

In a way trying to

Keep away the thoughts by doing

Nonsense cleaning of a

Dirty kitchen

Filled with other peoples filth

A thought going through my mind

This morning is that my

Dreams has shrunk

To just surviving under

A layer of practical


The sky outside is gray

And I see no reason

To do so

Dark Morning

Suddenly I woke up

In a moment of

Short, sanity

Realizing that

Inside me

A birth was taking place

Confused and overwhelmed

I started to examine what type

Of birth it was, realizing that I did not

Really know maybe

A parasite or a new me?

A fantastic idea or a new way

To make tea?

Something very different it was

Quickly disappearing out of

The consciousness and I

Went into the gray clout of

Everyday winter light