Early in the morning

This is a repetition and

How many times have I not

Been here

Finding myself sleeping on the floor

Only to wake up early in the morning

Regaining hope and trust in life

Without any good reason


Trying to stay awake

Falling asleep all the time

Want to sleep for a long time

Until I know that there are things to hope for

The trap

Most things are meaningless

In the sense that they keep you looked to habits

They are not tools for development but for

remaining where you are

While being looked in my own mind

I considered different options

And enjoyed my mind going in narrow circles

Only the distant roar of the ocean saved

Me from myself

Morning light

Back again
In the morning
Things turn so clear
My pain is great
But I manage
Time passes
And life returns
To the illusion of normality
I am here trying to find
My story