Cleaning Up

Cleaning out the dirt

Destroying and creating

New patternas

I am not going to break down

Again, no

Not anymore

I just have to through it out of the system

All the lose ends being put together

Like a web


The Price of Life

Every true freedom

Has it’s own price

You enjoy only

To suffer retribution

But the sweetness is

Greater than it’s bitter

Fruit and in vain

We repeat out of urge

And desire for life

Until finally the seeds grow

And the strife is over

We watch the sun and

Know that now is time

To die



Where is the passion

When do we turn around

From the abyss?

The decision to live on

Not to give up life

I don’t know really

Just know that it takes

A very long time to change

Even if the intention


The Lost Mind Reader

Sometimes I can read

Other peoples mind

But most of the time

I cannot even read

My own mind

I do not understand

Other peoples intention

But in heaven you just

Smile with the angels

Whose intention is always

Clear and strait forward

That is why is called heaven




Losing my sense and mind

Now everything is going to change

Again and again

But I will not be around

And that is okey

The mind aligned with a flower

Or a tree and me as a mindless

Savage forgetting everything

I ever learned


Life is like a fever,

it heats up your body and makes your sleep uneasy

I had life a long time before I lost it on my way to work

Now I am something in between

A good position with connections everywhere

In all the different earthly and spiritual regions

Like living in a soup-opera on LSD



Trying to forget

Who I am and why

The night is full of options

Even though it is cold here

I am hallucinating green and blue flowers

In a dessert landscape

On the bottom of the sea

I am floating

Happily until