The Path, El Camino

This is


Very different

Empty spaces

The path to wisdom

Is obscured by

All the things

Surrounding us

When we stop

Walking the path


Movement is direction

If nothing else

New Roads

Starting a new

Trying to create or find

Different solutions

To being me

And suddenly things

Might be possible again


Outside the normal path

Another road

Overgrown with

Roots of trees growing

Strong under

The poisonous asphalt

Sorrow and death destroyed

The hope long time ago

Almost to late I eventually

Found my path not knowing

Where to go and how long to follow

Eventually life demands and

Destroy any other option

But the evening comes fast

That time of the year

New Paths

Changing path is a hard thing

Only done when necessary

Finding a path can be even

Harder when there is no one

There to help you out

Like looking for a place

To rest from the wind

On a barren island

On a way