Acting inn and out

Stress is something

That is always there

Underneath the calm


It detaches you from

What is you

A strategy is needed

Or a place or situation

Where meditation and

Relaxation is possible

Sometimes the pattern

Is so deep inside you

You have to be conscious

Of what is going on



Travelling in my memory

I have to be there

Every day, every minute of my life

Reliving all the memories from many


I did not choose this life

This life chooses me

And still sometimes

It’s the other way around


I hate this situation

Just been caught in this pattern

For the best of to many good years

It is becoming worse and worse

Now I am completely blocked again

Cannot work with the things that

Eventually will help me out of this


Trapped and trapped again

Old circus

I am a small tivoli

A small circus with

A run down tent

Mended eternal times

Driving around the same route

Every year, delivering entertainment

To children

Repeating my clowns, knifes and horses

Forever and ever

Until the day comes

To return to Romania for the winter

And start everything all over again


Sun and a title

I lost all hope

Just repeating the history of the past

Why continue?

Things turn very hard

When you realise that you cannot change

I do not know why

But I spent my life understand why!

Outside the sun shines on the barren earth


Fear can be a way to live

A way to find peace

Avoiding all the dangers

Avoiding all the conflicts

Avoiding all the difficulties of man

Just watching the trees moving in the wind

It´s gets so boring