Patterns of Recognition

I lost my domain


Very sad, life is like this

Losing and moving on

Again and again

Wrecking The Boat

Sometimes we become trapped

In the past

While life moves on


We are trying the old patterns,

Ways and tricks

But to no avail

We are starting to sink

And the only way

Is to keep swimming

The destruction did not

Make us wise but kept us going

With as much as we could carry

Only to end up almost naked

At the beach, starting all over

Again and again

Until we perished into the

The cold, deep blue


Circle of Actions

The black darkness

Of being different

Defined as sick and crazy

– Go and get help

I don’t want to deal

With it, she said

There are no solutions

To your problems

Only me and my problems

Are solvable she continued

– I have no patterns I just keep

On repeating myself again

And again, that’s all

New Patterns

Reworking the story, remaking features

Focuses on new ways

Maybe Burning Man

The man preaches

You are responsible for you

You are here to give

To receive and to give

The intersection between what you want to give and

What other people wants to receive

You are entitled to nothing

But welcome to create something for yourself

Asking for information, asking for permission

Asking for validation

You are here to give

You are here to play

Perspective on Life

Life is getting slower when you grow old

The stories and dramas repeats itself

Every human thinks he is unique but

In reality we are just copies

Replicating patterns known from before

With some small variations

Accepting this is freedom


We are always inside

Our head,

Our experience,

Our memories,

Haunts us down

Eventually they might kill us

Slowly not quickly

We repeat our experience

We are aware of this

Still we do it

Prisoners of our own mind

Still something gives us

A glimpse of free choice

Like diamonds in a sea

Full of shit