Falling Rain

Rain keeps falling

And falling eternal

Falling of the rain

Life is filled with

Moments like this

Summer rain keeps

Falling and falling

A bliss for the dry

Land to recover


War ends here

In the banquet hall

Of a reconstructed

Palace, People and

Places mix

Through the centuries

The essence remains

The same,

Division, refugees, maimed,

Raped, plundered all have

to make life go on if possible

The cry  for Justice run through

The centuries


There will never be an end

Just a continuum of change

A movement between extremes

Like Winter or Summer

Democracy and dictatorship

War and Peace

Construction and Destruction

And in the middle of this

Are we messed up and

Confused trying to get a grip

The end in sight

Only for us as we are

Not for all

The end is in sight

But we never know

What happens


In the End

Of course in the end it all comes down to

money and property and she got it all

By moving swiftly and decisively

Humiliating and hurting

Everyone in her way

Only the water remained

Untouched as by accident

The young old man

Fear is not a way to live
Peace without freedom
Is not peace but pacification
The man told me
But his land is lost
Stolen by his neighbour
And here he is
Far away smoking
His cheap cigaretts
In the camp his
former friends
guarded him
While other friends
is being tortured
Or killed
Here in the far north
He is dying a little
Bit day by day