I try to read
getting my lost mind together again
this is me and not me.
This is my pain
I am not longer able
to focus
I lost time
Lost sight
Lost hope
And I did not die
I am just living on and on
Where am I?

Schibolet a word in the wrong time

The language has change
the border in now closed
Only loyalist are let in
Time is closing its door
no return are longer

The wintery landscape
is greyish brown
Cursing the future
with the past
We shall all live
in the past
Once our life
has past away
light the candle
burning in the

Let us mourn the not yet dead

There are no turning point now
I said Schibolet

And they beat me up then turning
me back and here I am waiting
in the shadow land
In front of the doors that will
not open 

I fight the world

I fight the world as well as fear it.
I am me and I am not you
You are my enemy and friend
My mother and my father
My brother and son, daughter and girlfriend
I do not know anything else 
then the eternal battle between
everyone and everything
Peace is for the dead


The film are reaching its climax
I am alone on the ground
watching the screen
Every night 
there are some
murder on the screen
that I watch
Every night
a police, a hero and a crook
to be caught 
I watch
and watch
Year after year the same story
Only the growth of my children
tells me that time is moving on
like a stream, a sunbeam