I cannot change

The weather

I cannot change

The world

I cannot change

Your way of  being

I cannot even

Change myself

In a significant way

So how am I going

To change the life

Of all the Pandas in

The world?


Guilt is such a precious thing

Kept and taken care of

Grown by those who need

Control over other

A high price to pay

A prison for the those

Who carries the mantle

Of shame

No Control of Anything

I am not in control of anything

Not even my self, my emotion

Only in some way my intentions

There is no meaning in life

When you have no power

And have to fight yourself as well

As the other people around you

Freedom Drive

Driving around the empty city

Feeling happy

Because of a little stolen time

The Christmas chimera soon

To be gone as a hallucinogenic

Luna Park at Burning man

The short gray days has stolen

All energy and hope

Still the night offers great remorse

As I drive through the empty streets

Early in the black afternoon

The Silence of the City

Silence is the best of sound

So very expressive

The hard options

The non action plan

Not to act, not to do

Not to think, just a number of blocks

That has to be destroyed or endured

The winter will last a long time

Maybe forever

At least to long

As every year


Sometimes, Actually

Every day I regret

That I am still


Surviving has no meaning

In itself

No, only when you believe

In a meaning

But life is mostly suffering

For me

Maybe not for you

Life is an exercise in power

Control and most of all

Being without power

I lost control,

I lost power,

I carry the enemy within

Everywhere I go

Resistance is useless

But necessary

Even though it will

Cost me my own

Life, eventually

City boy

The day is over

And it is time

To rest

The city changed my perception

Turning good into bad

Beauty into an ugly appearance

One of metamorphosis many phases

The moon still rules over the

Night sky and measures out punishment

For infringes on its territory

Angry men forms mobs and start

Frighten us and other people

Only the rich prevail for a while

Before they go under too

Losing ground


Every time I try
I come back
To this point
The place where I feel lost
and helpless.
Now I am her again
In the suburb
All around me
ugly buildings
No peace of mind
only struggle within
I do not understand anymore
No who am I
Why do I always fail
What is happening
Inside me?

On top of me

While silence fell
I did fall
Down on my knees
Begging for my life
And others
This caused concerned
For that the submission
Were to obvious
And the power to visible
They therefore pretended
To be on equal footing
Like the people with power
Are supposed to be in any
Democracy of rang and
The decision were of course
Already made
On the principle of repression
And consolidation of their
Murky way

I Got The Power


Then I had the power
for an hour 

not a long time
but still enough
Then I lost the power
for twenty years
and now I am back
in power for some hours
to make up for all these
lost years
and then I have to wait
another twenty years