A Nighttime Parasite Plea

So I been told

All through the night

How bad I am

“You are a parasite”

The parasite told me

While sucking

My blood

“You used me”

She said taking

My money and hope

“Love me, why don’t

You love me

Now I am burned out

Because of you”

While running around

In circles blaming

The world

Pitying herself

Sunday depression

That’s it a dark day in the beginning of December

The children had enough of us

Quarrel all the time

They run away


We found them

Far away on the way to their own adventures

Then the girl just run away

In the museum

So she wants to lean on me

But I am weak and most of all

Tired, and so ANGRY

She stole our life

Fulfilling her depressive patterns

Always being the victim

What’s the meaning of that

Well to repeat forever and ever

Blackened the life of us all

I ended up running away

Finally feeling normal

While the snow kept

Falling on my head


I am running 
away (again)
No need to stay
No way it is going to be okey
It is going to get worse
I got nothing to reimburse 

So here I am on the train
to the other city
Filled with scream
kids and
quarreling couples 
The dusty road
is filling distorting 
the view
But still 
Out of there
on the way to here
Pain is sometimes a good