Life is filled with unanswered


We keep on looking for answers

That are not easy to find

Life will pass

The questions will remain

For the next generation

And the generation

After that

The Great Quest for Reality

I had this feeling of losing

Grip of reality

It seemed like reality had its

Benefits and deficits

The question is what is what

Dreaming is one level

True but mercurial disappearing

In the morning light

Only leaving slightly contours of memories

The repetitive world of every day

Is very much an illusion

When we leave it behind is just gone

Like a dream

Therefore my question is

What is reality and when is it really



Time might tell

About the road taken

Never about what never

Came to be

We are therefore half blind

When making our decisions

Never mind

Things are definite

And other things will be

What they will be

In time

When it is up to us

To decide

After All

What is there to learn

From this long and tedious story

That has broken every bone in our body

What makes life meaningful and great

Is still not clear or obvious

Good people suffer and justice is not on

The menu

Time will break all bonds

But love is a great thing