The Element of Water

Reaching a ground by

Doing hard household work

Washing dishes

Silence is also a good thing

Connecting mind and body

New thoughts and resilience

Water dried thoughts

The Middle of Life

Another night of self doubt passed

After an evening filled with quarrel

It was not so much love left

This life has taken its toll

Living for a long time on low energy

And little money

Very Surprisingly

The mind is quickly

Recovering in the

Lig of the rising sun


Friends are a strange creed

Sometimes they follow you

For life and sometimes just a

Few days on your journey

You cannot trust them

But living without them

Makes life very dull

I do not suffer that

But I do hate being

Abused by friends

But the best is to start anew

Move on

Never easy

Just as resilience is an illusion

It has to be done