Grey Nights

Eternal grey clouds

Moving quickly over

The night sky

While I move across empty

Dark streets in the suburbs

Cold and tired after a

Long day,

I am received with

Angry words and demands

I do not know why

I am still here

In this sad position

It is like magic

Only the pine trees

Will be my witness

A Note To My Love

Long time ago

When you passed me by

In silence stroking my back gently

After many hundred of miles

Of sour feet and lonely walking

I know that we would not meet again

That short moment with you still stands apart

From the rest of my life

Your Words

Overworked, tired

Full of contractions and contradictions

The information and understanding

Of my predicament that you have

Your words made me stop and think

Feeling deadly tired like a wounded animal

I retreat to my cave

I do not want to be part of your world anymore

Still I will


What am I ?

What do I want ?

Where do I go ?

All that questions,

Questions without meaning or purpose

Relevant but irrelevant

I now realize that the answer is

No one, Nothing, Nowhere

Losing yourself

I did not know that life could be so slow

When I was young

I did not understand that I was going to make my own nightmares come true

I could feel it but I did not listen to myself

Twenty five years later, Here I am trapped

Into a roleplay, I am always the loser making other people’s silly dreams come true

Other people’s agenda is ruling my life

Every day I fight either to change or to survive

Another day but time is running out and soon it will not matter anymore

I wish to leave it all behind and walk like a man free of burden feeling the warm sand under my feet and hear the eternal roar of angry waves hitting the stones at midnight

Poem what am I

What am I what is left
of me now
Lonely, old, down
on my knees 
Begging for mercy 
Life is like mercury
It slips away 
through your fingers
This is it
Nothing more
Soon over
We will all perish 
but this is not
the point
I wait for the
moment when I 
will be by sea
Only that
Then I do not know
Then what is certain