The Mad Dog

The mind travels

Fast at night

Running around

Like a mad dog

Still It is silent

The wind, the machinery

And me

Lonely Alone

Living in the grey zone

Alone with people around me

Why are there no one

Like me

Why am I so alone

No one or someone

Just the empty silent eco

Family Meeting

The silence and tension

Is still in the air

Unable to find a good

Way of talking

Solving not just

Containing problems

Eventually you leave when

The contraction and denial

Becomes unbearable


Late at night

When the thought and mind

Has run around the same topic

Man, many, times

I pray for silence,

inner silence of the mind

An option to be

Not only to think

Language of The Trees

We live in a noisy

World, everyone scream

Around you

Making big dramatic gestures

Meaning nothing or very little

To hear and see the miracle

Look down

Bend down

To the ground

Listen with your ear

To the ground

Learn the language of the trees

They will be your best