What can I say?

Trying to collect courage

To do what is important

But losing the perspective

And losing the meaning

Searching a place deep

Deep down the soul

Sun rays

The paradox could not be

More extreme than that

Outside warm sunny summer

Inside cold dark winter

The sun did never reached

The depth of the soul

Cast and Soul

Empty shells

Washed up

At the beach

Lost stories in the sand

No doubt things could

Be better than now

But this is all forgotten

In the strong winds

My Soul Makes Noises In the Morning

Intelligence is such a beautiful illusion

A few years ago I tried to think

Like many things in lives

It showed out to be

Much more complicated

Then I ever imagined

Bringing a tense intense

Quality into life

A sort of reverse result

From drinking wine

The Only Soul

Stress isn’t a relief

Just a bit of thinking that

Affects your body

A pattern for survival

A way to live

Exist in a complex


That eventually drains

You up because

We have only one soul

And it’s need to be

Taken care of



What am I

A bunch of bones

Tied together by fiber

And some thoughts

A few dreams and

A lot of liquid

Moving together

Through the universe

Randomly encountering

Problems and pleasures

On Hatred

Hatred is a good feeling

Making you feel alive

And strong,

Taking quick and swift action

Demanding action

Like a wild horse

Still this is madness

True madness

But reason is limited

And maims the soul

A dangerous contradiction

To be handle with like a


Late a night with care


Whatever keeps me alive

It has to be strong

When despair

Grips the soul

In the middle of the night