The children’s play on the floor

Of the exhibition hall

Pretending to be in another world

Being close and still so far apart

Life separate us

Creating that imbalance

That builds cities and life’s

Contradictions necessary and


But in the end

It will destroy us

Life running through us

On the way to something


Cover me

The night creates a black velvet cover
around my battered mind
I am really lost
Going into overdrive
In horror of being
What I am
And what I am not
Ever and ever
I keep on fighting
With my mind, text and family
The night is dark and full of peace
BBC playing Bach
And even the bustling street
Turns more silent than ever
Living in the right time
Living in the wrong time



Certain moments in time

Certain days are just too bad to be put down in writing

Certain moments deserves to be forgotten forever

Even if the sun is shining life can be hell as we all know

I am sorry for my own inability to handle my own problems

But that is the fact, and the sun will still shine

Whatever I do or not

Mind, soul and body

Quiet night, the reality is far away

I do not need to engage in anything

Create and listen, write, think

Ensemble myself together again

I am a little bit more me now

And it is ok

Soon I will lose myself again

But for the moment

I am more spirit than body

Sleepless night

The sleepless nights in front of me

Is truly painful

Not what I expected

Moving around aimlessly

In the house

Trying to build a story

Feel a glimpse of meaning

In my life

But the stars are distant



Freezing in the sun

Finally the spring is here

But the mind and heart still lives in the winter

It feels like the road is leading me the wrong way

But all roads in life eventually has the same end


Pazi snajper long gone come back

I wait for war

I wait for peace

I see the bridge

In the snow 

Carrying the overweight of exhumed mankind

waiting to collapse

My information


Is not your information

we need to go to war again

In order to fight for justice of some kind

Trust, Truce train and hostage taking

No no good said she

No no good said the old man in the attic