Suddenly I am back
The sun is shining
And I realize
I am short of time
So much have to be done
Or not
Maybe I am doing the wrong
But it does not matter
Because any action
Is moving my mind
From death to life

The Mirror

Time stirs back in the mirror
It went fast, it had to leave
But surprisingly
I am still here
and still alive
With my nightmares
With my bad sleep
With my shame
With my patterns of repetion
But that is OK
I feel something again
Only that is hopeful
The leafs on the tree
will grow

At this very moment

es I am feeling bad
very bad
but this is hard for me
I cannot solve
your anxieties

Your lost years


All the time you
spent online
and all the time you
spent offline

This is now all gone
only the bleak
now and
possible the distant future


Out of control is the time
my body speaks to me
it says
You are not a boy
Your son is boy
Sleep old man

Trial and Error

Give me some hope 
That things will change
I know it is to late
I know there are no hope
Just a lot of time to waste
But still even after all this
Years it is clear that
Life can be lived in
Many ways