The anxiety is like a

Trapped animal

Trying to get out

Being chained

To the wall of circumstances

How to get out?

How to break the chains?

I been asking those questions

For decades now

Still I have no answers

Reflection On Water

A cold and stormy night

I came to this world

A foreign land filled

With quiet strangers

People putting their dreams

Deep in their soul

Never to be revealed, a secretive place

With people without a face

I could never imagine

That I would stay

But time just went away

Sucking my life day by day

I lived in the spiders web

And then my life took a turn

When their world started to burn


In the old times

The maze was

believed to be important

For survival

Finding the way

Having a pagan meaning

Long forgotten

We still find them

Along our long

Coast on the way to

The cold north

Living the Paradox

There are so many different ways to live

So many options in the world

Still why are we so trapped in our own perception

Of what is possible and

How to do things

How life should be?

Prison Of The Mind

Realising that I am trapped

Here in my own country

Without, work, money

Or any other resources

Have only to trust my mind

In order to get out of here

It is the prison of the mind


Sometimes your fear

Becomes a trap

Being in a war

Makes it easy

To forget that

You are not in a war now

You do not need to feel fear


Beacon of light

The lighthouse

Is trying to connect

To the rest of the


But the world

Has no interest

In the lighthouse

It’s beacon

However Well known

Has the same message

Every day and night

Do not go there

Avoid danger

Still we go there

Again and again

With our ships

With our desire

Trapped like flies

In a bottle

We find ourself

In the morning