On Different Types of Madness

There are many different

Forms of madness

In this world

Many things to fear

But why waste time

On that

Life is dangerous

Everybody die

In the end

Madness might cure

The mind or makes it


Life Flow

What ever I am

Wherever I go

Life changes

Like the water in the river

Always renewed,

Always the same

Up and down

Down and up

Around the town

Perfectly without

Any control

I travel around

Around before

Coming down

To face every Monday

Of my life


I love to travel

Feel the change

Going in the

Wrong direction

What would

Life otherwise be like

The Initial Journey

All the way into heaven

I travel inside out

Into the inner black hole

Deep inside is the

Outside of universe

There there are a little girl

Being inside my mind

Leading my to places

Never seen before

Far beyond heavens

Little door

God is a tiny dwarf

Keeping his small plot

Of heaven in his hand

But there are other stars


The Old Country

Disasters come and go

We had luck and got

Through on a number

Travelling with a little

Different drama

Memories never left us

Covering us in dust and cobwebs

Trying to adjust to a new world

Is difficult

Travel In Bed

Between dream and reality

Hope and despair

Waking up early in the morning

Still filled with the dream

It has been a long

Journey even though

I have not moved

Discovered new streets

And met some odd people