Starting Over

Losing sight

Losing mening

Again and again

I try to recreate all those

Loses that are mine

But it does not matter

They are gone and I have

To start from the begining

Again and again

Empty spaces


In between us

There are small secret rooms

Not visible to others

Rooms where we meet

At night

Sharing our most inner

Thoughts and dreams

Dreams that grows from

The final hope of a better world

Sharing and caring

Outside the cold daylight view

While we move around the market, street

Or prayer house

Where we are strangers every day

To one another




Silent communication

IMG_9767The pain is immense

No mercy

Just moving around

Trying to think

Other things

Love is no option anymore

No one will come by here

Only age and bornes remain

Wait I will come

You will not be there

We will meet in different times

Only having civilized conversations

Over decades


Questions to a stranger

Everyday from dawn to dusk

I watch the people pass by

The snow is falling

The sleepless night arrives

Together with the feeling of being numb

Incapable to change anything of important

So please stranger accept my gift

Of hopelessness and despair

And let it fill your mind

When your life is almost as dark as mine

Together we can share this black velvet cover

And let it keep us warm and alive


The snow is falling

The world changes

It is not the same

Patterns gets disrupted

And cars drive off

The road

The white noise

Calms the anxious

Suburbs and

Warm fires can be found

At dusk


Trying to forget

Who I am and why

The night is full of options

Even though it is cold here

I am hallucinating green and blue flowers

In a dessert landscape

On the bottom of the sea

I am floating

Happily until



Here where the sun is in short supply
We always want more
Longing to the open spaces of the taiga
In the summer when the nights are
days and the days just passages
The land of illusions
Filled with forest and empty spaces
Until the cold sea hits the rocky beach

Lead blue skies

Cold weather
lead-blue skies 
and I am here 
By the sea
all alone
not like 23
years ago
when we were
I has all changed now
nothing is the same 
The world 


The sea