Beyond the Wall

Once open a time

I went to Berlin

The city grey and divided

Made a depressive appearance

The Wall and the bullet holes from the last

War still there

By accident I ended up in a Suburb

Finding the most beautiful

Polynesian boat on a wall

In the middle of all that

Middle Europe nuclear angst

The boat carried me away

Never to return

Always to return

The Great Wall

Putting things together

To create a barricade

Against all evil

Building a wall

Against the world

To keep me safe

Will shot all intruders

At sight

With my imaginary

Machine gun

Violence is after all

The solution to all problems

And a guarantee for more

Problems in the future

After finishing the barricade

I will get drunk and


In the morning

I clean up

And forget

All about it


Magic is needed

Magic is nowhere to be found

Only that is so hard

To break the black magic

That blocks taking action

With anything else than