Questions to a stranger

Everyday from dawn to dusk

I watch the people pass by

The snow is falling

The sleepless night arrives

Together with the feeling of being numb

Incapable to change anything of important

So please stranger accept my gift

Of hopelessness and despair

And let it fill your mind

When your life is almost as dark as mine

Together we can share this black velvet cover

And let it keep us warm and alive

Morning has broken

But the day will never


Only the proxy

Some daylight and then dusk

We pretend that everything is


Going on in our daily routines

But the light tells us something

Is very wrong

The darkness come and overtakes us all

Now and then but this is different

Very different

Something much more sinister


The snow is falling

The world changes

It is not the same

Patterns gets disrupted

And cars drive off

The road

The white noise

Calms the anxious

Suburbs and

Warm fires can be found

At dusk

Dark Matter City


The city is dark

A dark matter

That is mine

The rain stopped


Giving a break to

Frozen walkers

All the grey people

Passing by in my

Everyday life

Losing my keys

For a moment

I feel not welcome


The night approaches

Being even colder

It will take time before

The light returns

At night

Fire and Ice

We hide inside the basement

Watching the destruction

From safe distance

While the dark sky looms over us

The ground is again frozen

And the water has turned to ice

And the city is very silent

Waiting for the return

OF spring




Inside the night
I did feel safe
The darkness
My weaknesses
My shortcomings
My worthless mind
Sometimes comes to rest a night
Hiding in dreams less meaning
My body remains me
I am alive
Still willing to live
Even if the hardship
Is worse than before
I still enjoy the silence
Of the winter night
The cold
The empty streets
The lonely walkers
The lost and the crazy

Dry tubers

I hope they burn in Hell
all the suffering
they inflicted on me and everyone else.
I Hate them
I hope they suffer now
thats it
The mercury that might be my memory
Of what they did to me 
Has slipped through my fingers
Only small parts remain
under the snow